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Outdoor Retail Company Zero Mile Mark and JJ Yosh Team Up to Aid in Wildfire Relief

by Brian Conolly on August 16, 2018

Jacksonville, Fl. – Zero Mile Mark, an independently owned camping, hiking, outdoor equipment and apparel company, is teaming up with renowned social media influencer JJ Yosh to provide financial aid for the California wildfires. For the month of September, Zero Mile Mark will donate 10% of all proceeds to the American Red Cross wildfire relief efforts.

“The wildfire is now the largest in California history,” says co-founder and CEO Brian Conolly. “We at Zero Mile Mark love the outdoors. We’re horrified by the extent of the destruction and loss of life, and feel this would be a great way for us to show our support for the firefighters out there.”

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Zero Mile Mark offers outdoor enthusiasts top notch gear for camping, backpacking, hiking, equipment and more. The company prides itself on the creation of products that are innovative, unique, and affordable.

“We offer a one-stop shop experience for outdoor adventurers,” adds Conolly. “We design our outdoor products to the highest possible standards, and have the greatest respect for those who feel the need for adventure – people who want to be out in the world. We want our customers to get the best outdoor experiences possible with superior, lightweight equipment that will never let them down.”

JJ Yosh, TV host, adventure filmmaker, backcountry chef, mountaineer, climber and actor, supports Zero Mile Mark products and will be working with the company in their efforts to raise funds for wildfire relief. The former Discovery Channel host and full time outdoorsman is a well-known social media influencer with over 258,000 followers on Instagram alone.

"As a native Californian living in the mountains of Colorado, wildfires are a daily concern, which is why I’m a strong promoter of safe campfire practices,” Yosh states. “We have a beautiful world out there that we need to cherish and protect, and I’m grateful to be partnering with Zero Mile Mark in this effort.”


About the Company

Premium outdoor equipment retailer Zero Mile Mark is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and offers a full range of adventure products through its online store. Catering to outdoor enthusiasts in and around North America, the company has created its own brand of camping, backpacking and hiking, equipment that is rapidly gaining a stellar reputation for innovation, quality and durability.

For more information, visit the website at www.zeromilemark.com


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Brian Conolly, CEO


Jacksonville, FL