BRAVO Headlamp with Magnetic, Bungee, Protective Lantern Case (3 Color Options)

  • MAGNETIC, PROTECTIVE, BUNGEE, LANTERN CASE - Headlamp fits securely in case for addition water and drop resistance.  
    • Headlamp case turns your headlamp into a lantern
    • Case has magnets that sticks to metal objects
    • Bungee system allows user to hang or attach lantern to tent poles, branches, shoulder straps, bicycle bars and more
  • IPX4 Water Resistant Headlamp 
  • Powered with 3 AAA batteries with > 8 hour run time
  • Color 6400k, 160 Lumens, 4 Modes (100%, 50%, Red, Strobe), 3W Output, 150M Light Distance
  • .11 Lbs (not including batteries)
  • $36.99

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