About Us

What We Do

Zero Mile Mark is independently owned and propelled to cater for outdoor lovers in and around North America. We understand our customer’s needs while we explore the industry to bring exceptional proportions for maximum support wherever their travels may take them. At Zero Mile Mark, we are committed to creating top-brand gear, camping, climbing, hiking, equipment and more. Our team of passionate brand gear experts takes pride in creating something unique, value-added with unmatched quality.


With dedication and commitment to supplying our full-range of adventure products across North America, we also offer a lifetime warranty, unique designs, and products made with the adventurers in mind. What set us apart from other outdoor retailers is our promise; creating everything innovative and unique with total love and care and making them available at affordable prices.



“Cofounder and CEO Brian Conolly is a US Navy Veteran. After his service, he finished his degree and went into the electronic recycling industry to combat a quickly growing issue in the modern world. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Brian eventually decided it was time to align his passion for adventure with his work; it was then that Zero Mile Mark™ was brought to life.”


“Zero Mile Mark™ represents the beginning of all journeys. We at ZMM™ are inspired by those who want to just get out and do things, those that push themselves, and those who seek adventure with an incredible view. The people who need to be out in the world and have a little adventure in them, are the people we want to serve!!”

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Mission Statement

Taking a long adventure with family and friends is one of the sweetest experiences one could live with for a lifetime. This event is naturally rewarding as it keeps you happy, refreshed and refigured. When climbing, hiking or cycling, you don’t want to be stocked or stranded. One of the major challenging factors that causes a sudden end to an adventurer’s dream trip includes incomplete outdoor items, expensive and low-quality products. At Zero Mile Mark, we know how overwhelming and disheartening this can be and that’s why we are formed;

  1. To design our products to the highest quality making sure our customers get the best outdoor experiences of their life.
  2. To sell exceptional and innovative products to avoid anything holding you back on your dream adventures.
  3. To provide unique, lightweight and professional outdoor equipment at the most competitive prices you’ll find.
  4. To supply a full range of outdoor equipment that gives you a one-stop-shop experience.

Vision Statement

With our commitment to nothing but quality, we strive to be a one-stop adventure retail store for your most essential outdoor gear.