Zero Mile Mark™ Trekking Poles - Carbon Fiber, Adjustable

  • PREMIUM TREKKING POLES with sturdy, advanced design. These are made of rugged Carbon Fiber. It's super strong while being ultra light. This set of 2 poles weighs just 1/2 pound each!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPING LENGTH from 63 to 135cm. That's 23 to 53 inches. Takes just seconds to change length for going up hill, down hill, or for different heights. Fits virtually all adults and youth both men and women.
  • STRONG SECTION LOCKS are sizable round knobs that are easy to grasp and lock. These are professional grade locks that will not slip or come loose during vigorous activity.
  • SOFT, ERGONOMIC handles with EVA Grip are shaped for your hand to naturally grasp and hold. You can use these poles all day without getting sore hands or arms. Fancy soft wrist straps with modern design and extra features.
  • .5 Lbs. per pole
  • $63.99
  • $79.99

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